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Woodwind Instruments
Saxophone Teacher

Saxophones are a very popular instrument in jazz bands! All saxophones are played using a reed and your embouchere(using your mouth and lip muscles) to produce a tone. 
The soprano saxophone (shown in the first picture) is the smallest and produces the highest range of notes. It is followed by alto, (shown in the second picture) tenor and then baritone. As the size increases the range of notes get lower. Feel free to try out our Yamaha, Selmer or Cannonball saxophones at either location!

Flute Teacher

Though the flute is part of the woodwind family, it does not use a reed to create a sound. Instead you use your embouchere (mouth and lip muscles) to blow air over an opening in the head of the flute. When you visit our stores you can try the many brand name flutes like Yamaha, Armstrong and Gemeinghardt!          You can also see the many options for the flute. A flute can have open holed keys. It can have a C foot joint, (shown in the first picture) or have a B foot joint. (shown in the second picture) Ask our sales people which flute will work best for you.
Clarinet Teacher

One of the most played woodwinds, the clarinet is played by vibrating a reed on the mouthpiece using your mouth and lip muscles also known as an embouchere. Student clarinets are often of a type of resin made for thier sturdiness.Some clarinets are made of wood and will produce a different tone quality. If you stop in you can try one out!

The most commonly played clarinet is known as the soprano clarinet. But there are more clarinets, like the bass clarinet, that allow for a musician to play lower notes. Much bigger then the soprano clarinet, you will easily spot the bass clarinet in bands.

Oboe Teacher

Oboes are played using a double reed. This allows it to be played with out a mouthpiece. This, along with it's shape, gives the oboe a very distinct and clear sound. These instruments are commonly played in orchestras.  
Piccolo Teacher

The piccolo shares many similarities with the flute. It is played the the same way and has the same fingering as the flute. Though it plays an octave higher then the flute! We carry both all metal piccolos as well as resin piccolos. Come in and try out both!