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Brass Instruments
Trumpet Teacher

Trumpets are well known for the high sounding notes they can reach! This brass instrument is played with the use of three piston valves along with the player's embouchere. (Use of the mouth and lip muscles)         Advanced and professional trumpets can be found with many different finishes. Silver, nickel, gold lacquer as well as variations and combinations of those finishes. Combine that with the options of different bell sizes and you can get very different sounding horns! The only way to tell which one you like is to come in to Music Village and play them!
Trombone Teacher

If you've ever wanted to play trombone, you should visit us and try one!         The trombone is a horn that reaches it's notes by moving a slide to different positions thus changing the size of the horn and changing the notes produced.         Like the French horn, a trombone can also have a rotary valve that lengthens the tubing and also gives players a greater range of notes.
Tuba Teacher

Baritone Teacher

Part of the low brass family the baritone horn is pitched in the key of Bb or one octave lower then the Bb trumpet. This instrument produces a mellow tone that is a great addition to any brass band.         We have these available for rent or purchase for anyone interested in trying one out!
French Horn Teacher

The French horn is a very versitatile horn! A beginning horn uses three rotary (different then trumpet) valves to reach it's notes. For a moreexperienced player, a horn using four rotary valves (also known as a double horn) can be used to expand the range of notes for the French Horn.