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Jeananne M. Weber

Instrument: Violin Teacher

Store: Union Store

Jeananne Weber has been with Music Village for 18 years. A graduate of San Jose State University, she has performed in both Symphonic and Chamber Music venues. A player of Baroque and Modern violin, she teaches violin and viola to children and adults using the fundamental aspects of "The New Approach to Violin Playing" by Kato Havas. She has also founded a summer string workshop "Celebrating Strings", an annual event held in the Napa Valley at Pacific Union College.

Jeananne has studied with Kato Havas, David Bowes, Lauren Jakey and also Mary Lou Galen. She continues periodic coachings with David Bowes and Kato Havas.

A musical quote...

"I enjoy teaching music because I love to give the gift of music to people!"